Support Girl Child Education in Africa

I strongly believe in educating girls and believe every girl should have the opportunity to go to school. Many girls especially in developing countries lack solid education and in most cases miss out on bettering their lives and that of their communities.

I was graced the opportunity to go to school and I had a great experience from start to finish. My great experience cost my single mother a lot of money. Her constant sacrificing for my education is what saw me through school and later on University. However, not so many girls are given the opportunity to be educated, but with Organizations such as CAMFED there is hope for the little girl that has always wanted to go to school, but lacked the resources to do so.

CAMFED has over the years sent 2.6 million girls to school in developing African countries such as Zambia, Malawi, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Tanzania and continues to do so with integrity. That is why I have decided to give 10% of my total sales to this amazing Organization. If you feel lead to give to Camfed, there is a link that will direct you to donate to their cause.

Be a blessing to these girls that deserve a chance at educating themselves for not only themselves, but also their families and communities!