Thorns to Crowns is a Christian blog meant to help you seek for more in your life. It is a blog that will help you realize that their is beauty beyond the pain and that it is never too late make the choice to heal and be restored from pain. Understandably, we have had our share of pain, which I like to call thorns, but we also know that there are many crowns beyond the pain. While it is very easy to stay focused on the thorns, I hope this blog helps you see differently and allow you to be the Crowned Royal that you have always been from the start.

This journey from pain to beauty requires us to put in the effort and let’s be honest sometimes we just don’t know where to start. Thorns to Crowns helps you see both pain and beauty and how you can overcome. When I started blogging I saw the need that often goes unrecognizable and that is unspoken pain. Because I have known pain, I know that there are others who like me just didn’t know where to start. It was my encounter with God and me fully deciding to put in effort that help me see that there is beauty beyond the pain. There truly is more to life beyond the pain and I would all like us to embark on that journey! Is it an easy journey? Absolutely not! but it sure is well worth it!

It is time for us to take our rightful place, it is time to trade thorns for crowns!